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Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss?

A revolution in hair growth awaits you!


Hair undoubtedly is the most defining feature of your personality. A good hairdo brings with it a sense of well-being and confidence that literally shows. And so, when you are faced with Hair Loss, it dents your self-esteem - not to mention the hair that you lose. Now, all this is about to change for good! Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic brings to you a revolutionary hair re-growth solution – Berkowits Stem Cell Therapy.

This game-changing therapy enables the stem cells found in the hair follicles to reinvigorate them. Hair follicle stem cells are cells found in the hair follicle. They are present in the skin and produce hair throughout a person's lifetime. Stem cells are normally inactive, but they quickly activate during a new hair cycle, which is when new hair growth occurs. The result? Your hair grows back in no time! And here’s the best part – the results are permanent and your hair multiply over time bringing back your natural hair and appearance. Check it out today!


Regain Your Grace & Regrow Your Hair with Stem Cell Treatment only @ Berkowits !


I am a 25 year old woman who has been suffering from severe hair loss for the past 6 months. My condition got worse lately and that got me worried. Desperate for a cure, I heard of Stem Cell treatment for hair loss from Berkowits Hair and Skin Clinic. So I took the chance and gave it a shot. Much to my surprise, this treatment is simply magical. It is absolutely painless and today I am thankful to Berkowits for gifting me my gorgeous hair back! Stem Cell Treatment really works and I am a living proof of it!


Rajauri Garden, New Delhi 

I was suffering from Hair Loss  since  a very long time. My condition got so severe that the hair on my crown region had completely disappeared. I must have tried every possible medication, treatments, countless consultations and endless visits to clinics - but nothing seemed to work. Then I got to know about Stem Cell Therapy from Berkowits . At  first  I was apprehensive, but after I took this treatment, I am still amazed at the magic it has worked on my hair loss condition. My hair has begun to regrow once again and I am extremely satisfied  by  the Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss.


Delhi, India



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